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Authenticate IS provide farm to fork supply chain mapping software for the food industry. This gives a fully traceable end product which is increasingly required by supermarkets, food manufacturers and food distribution.


Authenticate came to us in need of a full digital campaign that was trackable and could integrate with their existing software. Much like their own software for the food industry, they wanted to be able to follow their own customers through the discovery and buying process.

What we did

We evaluated their existing digital strategy and made recommendations as to what we thought could be improved moving forward. This was presented to Authenticate via a digital workshop to educate on some of the processes needed to make the most of their product. As part of our integrated campaign strategy we presented a single solution that covered their Website, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Offline Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, and many more channels. The website was also integrated into their CRM system which allowed them to trace lead acquisition and implement lead scoring to streamline some internal sales processes.


We’re thrilled with some of the results we’ve seen for Authenticate. Among these is an increase in monthly site visitors of 63%. But more than that, each lead on site can now be accurately traced through the buying process. This allows internal efforts to be focused on high value leads and in turn increases the efficiency and profitability of the business

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