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Gold-Vision created a fully integrateable CRM system that works with all of the tools your business will likely use.


Gold-Vision came to us for help with their SEO. They needed advice on how to optimise their website and how to position themselves in the marketplace in terms of their keyword targeting.

What we did

We worked very closely with them to understand their product offering and to ascertain what their USPs were. This allowed us to review how we could capitalise on these to compete in search against some of the big names in the business. We also put together a backlink strategy that focused on acquiring high value and relevant back links to their website to improve their site’s authority over time which would hopefully improve their visibility in search results.


Our work with Gold-Vision is still in its infancy but we are already seeing results coming from our collaboration. Their average position in search results pages has increased by 21% and this has been neatly matched by an increase in monthly visitor numbers of 22%. We are working together to further this campaign and have further strategies we are looking to implement with Gold-Vision in 2018.

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